Installation and configuration of Siskin IM

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In this article I explain the installation and configuration of Siskin IM for the iPhone. The configuration options (explained in the second section of this articale) are just a personal recommendation and can be adjusted to personal preferences.

Installation of Siskin IM and registration of an XMPP-address

Let's start with the installation and configuration of Siskin IM. At first you have to download and install the app Siskin IM from the App Store (please follow this external link). Afterwards, you can start the app and you will be asked if Siskin IM is allowed to send you notifications. You should select Allow (the screenshot shows the German version).

After this step you have to select Create new XMPP account (in case you do not already have an XMPP account).

Note: If you already have an account you can select Sign in to an existing XMPP account and you will be asked for your credentials afterwards. In this case you can skip the rest of this section and continue with the second one.

Now, you have to decide which server you want to use for registration. I recommend to select one of the Trusted Servers. In the figure below those are, or You just have to select the name which you like the most.

Afterwards, you have to enter a username, a passwort and an e-mail address. The e-mail address is needed for password resets (in case you forget it).

Note: Your XMPP address will be your username, followed by the @-sign and the Trusted Server you choose (example: It looks exactly like an e-mail address (but it is not an e-mail address. It is called a JID or XMPP address).

When you entered the necessay information simply click on Register. You will be notified that you are not authorized to login.

You need to verify your e-mail address before you are allowed to. Therefore, check your e-mails and click on the confirmation link.

Afterwards, you can establish the connection using Siskin IM. In order to establish the initial connection, please click on Settings. The you have to click on your XMPP address and activate the Enabled option below the General-heading. You can return to the chat-view by clicking Back and Close.

Siskin IM is now connected. In the next section I explain some personal recommendated settings.

Additional recommended settings

I recommend to adjust some settings after installing Siskin IM. To do so, please click on Settings in the chat view. Afterwards, please click on you XMPP address to adjust the account settings.

We will enable the push service. Additionally, we will define, that the server keeps new messages for seven days (in order to be able to retrieve them on different devices and to retrieve them after a longer offline period). Please take care that some servers will ignore this option. Additionally, you can set a nickname. When contacting a new person, this nickname will be initially shown.

Note: Your XMPP address will not be changed when you change your nickname.

You can see the changes in the figure below:

In the next step we will enable the end-to-end-encryption (OMEMO). Additionally, we will activate delivery receipts.

Now, we change the option for file transfer. We will enable that files we will send are uploaded to the according server and can be downloaded by the chat partner. Additionally, we will adjust that files (that you receive) which are smaller than 4 MB will be downloaded automatically.

Next, we allow the automatic authorisation of contacts. This means that other contacts can add your XMPP address to their contact list (called roster) without your permission. They are also allowed to see your status.

In the last step, we activate the synchronisation of group chat bookmarks and deactivate the usage of public STUN servers.

Quo vadis?

If you have friends using XMPP, you can add their XMPP address to your contact list (roster). This is shown in the figure below. You first need to enter their XMPP address and the name which shall be displayed.


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